About Congress
Major educational congress featuring leading jewelers, designers, manufacturers, government officials.
J-1 Jewellery Congress is the most expected event in the jewellery industry of Russia in 2021!
We have selected the most vital issues and outstanding speakers for industry professionals. The agenda of the Congress is designed to raise interest of both industry trade professionals and jewellery art connoisseurs: of those seeking to discover new inspirations or concepts, or of those who are focused on building own jewellery brand.
Some of J-1 Congress topics: “small” brand management, running and working with jewellery media; blogging; Luxury segment sales force trainings; personal brand of a jewellery business owner; interactions of jewelers with auctions and many other topics.
For those who cannot attend the event in person there will be a live broadcast of the Congress.
Recorded lectures will also be made available to anyone interested after the event.